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The LNP's Plan to Reduce Electricity Bills

Thu 4 Oct 2018

The annual reports just released by the Annastacia Palaszczuk government show that the state-owned power generators last year delivered an underlying combined profit of over one billion dollars. 

The Palaszczuk government is using electricity as a secret tax while regular Queenslanders and businesses are suffering under crippling power prices.

Today I announced the LNP's plan to restructure the power generators from two to three, creating more competition and reducing prices. 

This is something that’s backed by the ACCC (Australian Crime and Corruption Commission) and Labors own productivity commission.

The LNP is the only one with a real plan to reduce electricity bills.


Funds Need to Directly Support Strawberry Growers

Wed 26 Sep 2018

LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander said he was glad the Palaszczuk government supported the LNP’s calls for a strawberry farmer assistance package but was concerned not enough is going directly to farmers.

“The LNP welcomes the government’s $1 million assistance package, but it’s disappointing that money isn’t going directly to strawberry growers,” Mr Mander said.

“Queensland has around 100 growers and people’s livelihoods are at stake, as well as the local jobs these farms support.

“This is a glorified advertising campaign from Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor and won’t assist farmers struck with cash flow issues.

“The sabotage of strawberries hit the industry hard and fast but Annastacia Palaszczuk’s response has been slow and won’t directly support growers. 

“The losses sustained by these farmers will be in the millions and Labor’s response, while a good start, has missed the mark.

“Famers are telling us what they really need is direct financial assistance from the government to ensure they can bounce back for next season.

“The LNP has been calling for an assistance package that directly assisted strawberry growers with cash-flow issues since this saga began.

“We have an industry to protect and we need to catch these mongrels responsible so they can be held accountable for their crimes.”

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Labor's Betting Tax Could Spell Ruin For Racing

Tue 25 Sep 2018

The Palaszczuk Government’s new 15 per cent betting tax is set to deliver a body blow to Queensland’s struggling racing industry, the LNP warned today.

With the tax due to be implemented on October 1, LNP Deputy Leader and Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said it was staggering the industry still didn’t know how much revenue – if any – it would receive from the Queensland Treasury.

The betting tax, which will be passed on to hundreds of thousands of punters, was announced 48 hours before the last state election and after the political advertising blackout began.

“Labor’s 15 per cent betting tax will be the highest in Australia and will suck $100 million a year from the pockets of ordinary punters,” Mr Mander said.

“That’s $70 million more a year than voters were told before polling day.

“Queensland’s racing industry is already struggling, with prize money and infrastructure spending well below that in of New South Wales and Victoria.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk’s latest tax could be the final blow for an industry that directly employs almost 10,000 people across Queensland.

“Queensland racing should be leading the field, but we’re fading fast thanks to Labor.”

More than 41,000 Queenslanders are involved in racing, either as employees, participants or volunteers. The industry is worth $1.2 billion a year, almost half of which benefits regional areas.

“Racing desperately needs to know how much, if any, of the betting tax will go back to the industry,” said Shadow Racing Minister John-Paul Langbroek.

“Will this be another waste tax – with most of the money going straight to government?

“It’s time this grasping Labor Government came clean on it plans for racing.” 


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Labor need to scrap failed CleanCo

Fri 31 Aug 2018
LNP Deputy Leader and Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander has slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s CleanCo announcement as nothing more than a PR stunt.
“Today’s announcement is nothing more than hollow rhetoric from the Palaszczuk Labor Government,” Mr Mander said.
“Labor is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of money they don’t have on a scheme that experts say won’t make any difference.
“The ACCC, the Queensland Competition Authority and the Electrical Trade Union have all said Labor’s CleanCo won’t work – it won’t lower prices.*
“So why is Labor refusing to abandon a failed policy?
“There was no money in the Budget for Labor’s CleanCo but now they have ‘found’ $250 million to progress the development.
“This is just another example of Labor’s economic incompetence.
“When will Labor come clean with Queenslanders about CleanCo?
Mr Mander said many Queensland families were struggling because of high electricity bills under consecutive Labor Governments.
“Every dollar counts in the family budget and action is needed now to lower electricity bills,” Mr Mander said.
“In contrast to Labor, who use electricity as a secret tax, the LNP have a real plan to lower electricity bills for Queensland families.
“Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to swallow her pride, adopt the LNP’s policy and save Queensland families real money.”
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Building approvals continue to fall under Labor Media Statement: LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander

“The construction industry continues to lose jobs, after the fourth straight month of falling building approvals under the Palaszczuk Labor Government.
“Four consecutive months of falling approvals are yet another sign of Labor’s economic mismanagement.
“These approvals are an important leading indicator for the construction industry, but sadly Labor has responded to this obvious issue by hitting the industry with new taxes.
“Worse still, this week CommSec and the Sensis Business Index have handed down damning assessment of Queensland’s economy.
“You can’t tax your way to growth, it’s as simple as that.
“These taxes are hitting confidence, hurting investment and costing Queenslanders their jobs.
“Under Labor, Queensland building and construction continues to fall lower and lower, while state debt grows higher and higher.”
Media contact: Eloise McNee 0432 606 320
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Labor's Lady Cilento name change is ridiculous

Tue 31 Jul 2018


Liberal National Party Deputy Leader Tim Mander has slammed the Palaszczuk Government for considering changing the name of the Lady Cilento Hospital.

“It is an absolutely ridiculous idea. Imagine the cost of changing everything from the uniforms to the signage,” Mr Mander said.
“Labor gave us the fake Tahitian prince and health payroll disasters and can’t be trusted with our health system. Advocating for a name change shows its priorities are all wrong.
“Labor needs to be focusing on fixing the crisis in our hospitals, especially at Lady Cilento.
“Unlike Labor, who want to rename everything after former Labor pollies, the hospital was named after Phyllis Dorothy Cilento, who was a fierce advocate for the health of mothers and children.
“Her story is inspiring and should be celebrated by Queenslanders.
“Labor’s excuse that people don’t know where it is simply doesn’t wash. The Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Alexandra Hospitals don’t have their location in their titles, the world-famous Johns Hopkins doesn’t either.
“Just because Labor’s Anna Bligh put the hospital in the wrong spot doesn’t mean the Cilento name should be abandoned.”
Shadow Minister for Health Ros Bates said the hospital and its patients faced real problems.
“Steven Miles should be focusing on the 28 per cent of kids going to the Lady Cilento emergency department who aren’t seen on time,” Ms Bates said.
“We have seen a fake doctor on the wards and three babies receiving tissue transplants from a cancer patient.
“The Health Minister, who is a doctor in politics, needs to stop playing politics with our sick kids.
“This is simply a distraction from his estimates hearing today.”
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CommSec buts Queensland at bottom of economic table

Mon 30 Jul 2018
The respected CommSec’s State of the States report has today put Queensland’s economic performance close to bottom of the table, trailing Tasmania and struggling to beat South Australia.
“Today’s State of the States report confirms that, under the Palaszczuk Government, Queensland’s economy is a sad fifth place in the nation’s economic rankings,” LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said today.
“Instead of being up there alongside Victoria and New South Wales we’re struggling to keep up with South Australia.
“Sixth for retail spending, sixth for unemployment, seventh for construction work, the list of Labor’s failures goes on.
“Under Labor, Queensland is under-performing and under-delivering the jobs that the people of our state sorely need.
“Last month’s state budget confirmed Annastacia Palaszczuk’s only economic plan for Queensland is increased taxes.
“Only the LNP has a real economic plan to bring back business confidence and put Queensland back into the top ranks of the states’ leader board.”
Click here to read the full media release.

No jobs modelling on Trad's $2.2bn tax bomb

Tue 24 Jul 2018
The Palaszczuk Government inflicted $2.2 billion of new taxes on Queensland without conducting modelling on their impact on jobs, it was revealed today.
Labor approved five new taxes, raising $2.2 billion, in its June Budget, just six months after it told voters it would introduce only four taxes, raising $491 million.
Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said Labor had deceived Queensland about its tax plans and hadn’t bothered to assess their impact on jobs.
“We know Labor were dishonest about their tax plans and now we know they were irresponsible too,” Mr Mander said.
“It’s astonishing there was no consideration of how many jobs might be destroyed.
“This grasping Government just sees dollar signs and doesn’t care who is hurt by its taxes.”
Labor’s first four new taxes included a wagering tax, a new land tax, a tax on foreign investment in property and an extra tax on vehicles over $100,000.
The fifth tax, on waste, was not announced until after the state election.
The racing and construction industries have both warned that the new taxes will suck money out of their sectors and destroy jobs.
The damaging consequences of the new taxes are becoming clearer as they are rolled out, Mr Mander said.
“The Palaszczuk Government taxes first and asks questions later,” he said.
“The price of Labor’s new taxes is paid by ordinary, hard-working Queenslanders.”
Read the full release, click here.

Labor crushes first homeowner dream

Fri 22 Jun 2018

LNP Deputy Leader and Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander is warning the dream of owning a home could be crushed with new taxes and grant cuts adding about $8000 to the bottom line.

Mr Mander said Labor Treasurer Jackie Trad cut the First Home Owners' Grant from $20,000 to $15,000 in last week's State Budget.

"Ripping away $5000 from potential new home owners is not what Queenslanders need to deal with right now," Mr Mander said.

"Labor's new waste tax and an increase to land taxes will also add about $3000 to cost of building a home.

"That's effectively $8000 added to the cost of Queenslanders owning their first home, and at a time when housing affordability is a major concern."


Read the full Media Release.


Action needed now to bust congestion

Tue 22 May 2018

At a busy road in Everton Park, LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said congestion is worsening across Southeast Queensland under Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor.

"Motorists in Southeast Queensland have been reduced to a crawl and are taking longer to get home each and every day," Ms Frecklington said.

"This is why I am launching an online survey to take the pulse of motorists and bust congestion."

"Congestion is getting worse and we want to hear from motorists about traffic conditions from their perspective."

LNP Shadow Treasurer and local Member for Everton, Tim Mander said easing congestion in Southeast was a priority for the LNP.

"The number one complaint I hear from commuters is that they are spending too long stuck in traffic when they are trying to get home to their families," Mr Mander said.

"Much more needs to be done to fix congestion in Southeast Queensland and that is why we want to hear from everyday Queenslanders about congetion hot spots in their own backyards."

Click to complete the survey.


Read the full media release.


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