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Labor Budget delivers nothing for Everton

Mon 3 Aug 2015

In its first budget, the Queensland Labor Government has failed to provide funding to fix one of the worst traffic bottleneck in the North West, the intersection of South Pine Road and Stafford Road, at Everton Park.

According to the Member for Everton, Tim Mander, Mums and Dads trying to get their children to school or people who have to travel along Old Northern Road to their workplace are wasting precious hours of their day sitting in traffic congestion.

“This is valuable time people could be spending with their families, or taking time out from busy lives to relax, but instead they are sitting in their cars going nowhere because this Labor Government has failed to make money available for critical road infrastructure,” Mr Mander said.

In Parliament this week, Mr Mander told the House that the worsening traffic congestion was also adding to the cost of living because people have to spend more money on fuel.

“As well as wasting valuable family time, they are wasting petrol as they are in the car on the road so much,” Mr Mander told Parliament.

Another significant budget issue for the North West was Labor’s failure to provide any funding for refurbishment or building works in local schools.

“I carefully read through the very long list of schools in the budget papers that will receive funding in 2015/16 for everything from new classrooms and new libraries to replacement air conditioners.   Not one thing was allocated to schools in this region.

“While in government, the LNP worked hard to clear the maintenance backlog and as the Local Member I ensured that schools in this area got their fair share of the capital works budget. But there is always more to be done and I ask parents and teachers concerned about missing out from this first Labor budget to contact me,” Mr Mander said.

Mr Mander said he was also extremely disappointed that there did not appear to be any funding for the refurbishment of Everton Park State High School (EPSHS).

“EPSHS desperately needs modernisation and the LNP had a funding solution that the school community was happy with. But Labor has ignored all the hard work that has gone into planning for the schools future and the school risks languishing again.”

Mr Mander said the first Labor budget had no plan to ease the daily cost of living pressures for families or grow the state economy to ensure there was funding to fix traffic congestion. 

Local Children embrace National Tree Day

Sat 1 Aug 2015

Children at Eatons Hill Community Kindergarten have enthusiastically celebrated Planet Ark’s 2015 National Tree Day, with the support of their local Member of Parliament, Tim Mander MP.

With Tim’s help last Friday, the children planted a beautiful Grevillea “Ned Kelly”, an Australian shrub which will produce vibrant orange-red flowers and attract many native birds to their Kindy in the future.

Each year over 250,000 Australians take part in National Tree Day events at 3,000 sites, organised by councils, schools, businesses and communities. Since Planet Ark launched National Tree Day in 1996, more than three million participants have planted 21 million native trees, shrubs and grasses.

“The children were very excited,” said Mr Mander “They asked lots of questions and were really interested to learn more about how to plant a tree and how it grows.”

“The grevillea we planted was the same height as the children and they are keen to see whether it will grow faster than them!  They have invited me back at the end of the year to be the judge,” he said.

“By taking part in a National Tree Day, the children had the opportunity to further beautify their Kindy grounds, connect with nature, and making a positive difference to the environment,” said Mr Mander.

Judging by the eagerness of the children at Eatons Hill Community Kindergarten to get involved in National Tree Day 2015, this specimen of “Ned Kelly” is going to be very well looked after. 

Mander raises awareness of Diabetes risk

Wed 8 Jul 2015

Welcoming National Diabetes Week (12 July – 18 July), Member for Everton, Tim Mander MP, sounds a warning that serious health complications are linked to diabetes and calls on local residents to assess their risk.

Type 2 diabetes, the condition linked to the expanding waist lines of too many Queenslanders, is on the march in Everton with latest figures revealing a two-year increase of 127 local people living with the condition.

“Already more than 1,684 people in Everton are living with type 2 diabetes which has increased by 8 per cent since 2013,” Mr Mander said.

“Diabetes Queensland tells us that for every person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes there are nearly three people who are either undiagnosed or have pre-diabetes.”

Diabetes Queensland CEO Michele Trute said that by understanding more about type 2 and assessing their personal risk factors, Queenslanders at risk of the condition could reduce or even forestall the onset of its dangerous complications.

“Once diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you have the condition for life,” Ms Trute said.

“Poorly managed diabetes can result in serious health complications including nerve damage, loss of limbs and blindness – but in most cases, type 2 diabetes can be prevented.”

Mr Mander encouraged people to spend five minutes doing a free online assessment at Diabetes Queensland’s website to understand their risk of developing the condition.

“Reducing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is as easy as making small changes such as taking the dog for a walk or making sure you’re eating five serves of vegetables and two of fruit every day.”

People can take the type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment at: www.diabetesqld.org.au


Labor agrees to “Get in the Game”

Mon 6 Jul 2015

Pressure from the Opposition has seen the Palaszczuk Government re-commit to the hugely popular Get in the Game program.

Member for Everton, Tim Mander said the previous LNP Government had committed $68 million for the state-wide plan and up until now, Labor had been refusing to follow through with the funding.

“Local clubs can breathe a sigh of relief after the Labor Government guaranteed this vital funding yesterday,” Mr Mander said.

“In 2012, the LNP introduced what has become a highly successful plan to support local clubs and thankfully the Palaszczuk Government has recognised the benefits and supported our plan.”

“Hundreds of clubs have benefited from the ‘Get in the Game’ program implemented by the LNP and we hope many more will continue to benefit from the program.”

“This will also ensure that key projects can now be delivered from the LNP’s popular‘Get in the Game’ initiative.”


Labor sidelines crucial sports funding

Fri 3 Jul 2015

The Opposition has urged the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government to step up to the plate and outline their state-wide plan for sport and recreation funding.

Member for Everton, Tim Mander said the previous LNP Government had committed $68 million for the hugely popular Get in the Game program, but Labor was refusing to follow through with the funding.

“Local clubs are now in limbo because of the Labor Government’s failure to ensure this funding is guaranteed for another three years,” Mr Mander said.

“After more than four months since taking office, the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government has not only refused to continue this vital funding but has not outlined a plan of its own to support our local clubs.

“This is a government with no plan for the Everton community, and no plan for Queensland.”

President of Mitchelton Football Club, Roger McIntosh said this is devastating news.

“The Get Started vouchers of $150 helped so many children be able to play sport and there are going to be a lot of disappointed local families next season,” Mr McIntosh said.

“This decision will also have a huge impact at the grassroots level of local sporting clubs”

Mr Mander added “This funding is vital  for sporting infrastructure, for families struggling to pay club feesand to build social capacity in local communities.”


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