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Ministerial Council on Infrastructure Bidding Costs

AN LNP Government will reduce infrastructure costs by tackling red tape with a Ministerial Council on Infrastructure Bidding Costs. Bidding cost savings will be re-invested into more and better infrastructure.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has cut the LNP's infrastructure budget and is now spending almost $3 billion less a year on infrastructure projects. Not only is less infrastructure being built by Labor, they have no plan to tackle bidding costs either.

An LNP Government will establish a Ministerial Council on Infrastructure Bidding Costs within the first 100 days of Government.

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SEQ Very Fast Train

Congestion in southeast Queensland is worsening and Annastacia Palaszczuk has no plan to fix it. Queenslanders are sitting in growing traffic and Labor's Rail Fail means more commuters are returning to their cars because they don't know whether the train will turn up.

The LNP has a strong track record of building the congestion-busting infrastructure we need.

An LNP Government will progress a business case for a SEQ Very Fast Train network linking the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay.

This proposal will open up new employment opportunities, enable Queenslanders to move to regional centres while still commuting to the capital and ease crippling congestion.

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Getting Tough on Young Offenders

The LNP acts and listens to the community, which is why we introduced stronger youth justice laws in 2014, that have since been scrapped by Labor.

An LNP Government will introduce tougher laws to ensure that young offenders who are convicted of a crime are held accountable for their actions, including:

  • Re-introducing 'breach of bail' as an offence for young offenders
  • Introducing a new community payback scheme for young offenders who are convicted of unlawful entry or car theft/hooning offences so that they are required to undertake mandatory community service orders upon their first offence as a minimum
  • Removing the principle of detention as a last resort for repeat offenders upon their second offence
  • Re-instating a 'name and shame three strikes' policy upon their third offence
  • Providing the Court with the ability to restrict a young person's eligibility for a driver's licence if they have been convicted of certain car theft or hooning offences.

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Sensible Speed Limits

An LNP Government will undertake a speed limit review on Queensland roads to make sure limits are sensible and safe.

In government, the LNP invested in road safety with a two-year Road Safety Action Plan which saw Queensland's lowest road toll on record in 2014.

Our Road Safety Action Plan included a speed limit review of 100 roads across the state. This was the first time the speed limits on this many roads had been thoroughly reviewed.

An LNP Government will undertake a second speed limit review of 100 roads to ensure speed limits are appropriate for individual roads.

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DELIVERED - No Body, No Parole

The LNP led the way in denying parole to convicted killers who refuse to assist in revealing the location of their victims. From the time we anounced our policy in November 2016, we were determined to ensure these laws were passed through the Parliament as quickly as possible.

Queenslanders will be safer under an LNP Government focused on improving community safety for everyone by reducing crime and supporting victims of crime.

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Fairer Speed Cameras

An LNP Government will ensure all mobile speed camera units clearly display 'speed camera in use' signs so motorists get a fair go and are reminded to drive safely.

Many motorists feel trapped or tricked following the Palaszczuk Labor Government's removal of the requirement to display 'speed camera in use' signs to alert motorists to the camera.

Road safety should not be about treating motorists as cash cows - that's why we will return the focus to saving lives. The LNP will put road safety first, not revenue raising.

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Safeguarding against the Terrorism Threat

An LNP Government will implement a wide-ranging counter-terrorism strategy to ensure we leave no stone unturned in reducing the risk of and safeguarding against a terror incident in Queensland.

Our wide-ranging counter-terrorism plan to safeguard against local threats involves updating the Queensland (Government) Counter-Terrorism strategy, as well as -

  • Strengthening bail laws
  • Strengthening parole
  • Giving police more powers
  • Greater leadership

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Queensland Academy of Sciences

An LNP Government will deliver an Australian first in Queensland - a world class Academy of Sciences at South Bank.

Tourism remains a key driver of the Queensland economy. Latest data shows that international visitor nights in Queensland have gone backwards in the last year under Labor - tourists need more to do and see.

The Academy could house a world-class natural history museum to complement the existing Queensland Museum, an aquarium in conjunction with living science displays, a new stand-alone Science Centre, as well as cutting-edge research and educational facilities.

The Queensland Academy of Sciences will be a landmark institution that Queenslanders can proudly call their own for generations to come.

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Agriculture Energy and Water Council

An LNP Government will give farmers a seat at the table to help reduce crippling power costs. This is just one part of our plan to build a better Queensland and strengthen the Queensland economy.

The agriculture sector is facing double-digit, year-on-year increases in electricity prices. Labor is not listening to farmers who are struggling with skyrocketing electricity prices. In fact Labor are blaming farmers for higher electricity costs.

An LNP Government will establish the Agriculture Energy and Water Council with Queensland Farmers' Federation, AgForce, Canegrowers and the relevant LNP shadow ministers to develop further collaboration on energy-related issues of the agriculture industry.

The agriculture industry can't face electricity price increases of 50%-100% all by itself. The LNP will listen, plan and act on electricity prices.

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Supporting Our Emergency Volunteers

An LNP Government will provide greater funding certainty to our hard-working emergency volunteers.

Organisations such as the SES, Rural Fire Service Queensland and St John Ambulance Queensland rely on donations and local fundraising to purchase new equipment and enhance local facilities.

An LNP Government will establish a dedicated $10 million Emergency Volunteers Fund, where organisations can apply for and receive assistance to improve local community resilience and maintain or increase capacity.

Only the LNP has a plan to provide safe and liveable communities and ensure our hard-working emergency volunteers have the funds they need to keep Queenslanders safe.

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