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Fair Go for Electricity Customers

An LNP Government will give electricity customers a fair go by putting consumer representatives on the boards of electricity companies. That's because we know you can't continue to face rising electricity costs alone.

Over the last 10 years electricity costs have more than doubled, with prices increasing by 109 percent. Under Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor, prices have hit record highs.

The LNP's energy policy has always been based on affordability and security, not ideology.

The LNP's plan to put downward pressure on electricity prices includes:

  • Build with the private sector a high efficiency, low emissions coal-fired power station in North Queensland.
  • Freeze executive bonuses until electricity prices decrease.
  • Scrap Labor's extreme 50% renewable energy target.
  • Reporting Stanwell to the ACCC for price gouging and ripping off families and businesses.

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Brisbane Metro

An LNP Government will support and facilitate the Brisbane Metro project to relieve public transport congestion in South East Queensland.

South East Queensland's public transport network is in crisis under Annastacia Palaszczuk. Rail commuters are left stranded at stations or packed onto crowded trains while buses are stuck in traffic on congested city streets or the Victoria Bridge.

The last time our buses and trains were this bad Annastacia Palaszczuk was the Transport Minister under Anna Bligh.

The LNP put the brakes on fare hikes and cut fares in 2014 for the first time by 5%. The LNP also introduced the incredibly popular and successful Free Trips After Nine policy.

The LNP turned our public transport network around with the first increase in patronage in more than five years.

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No Lockout Law Guarantee

An LNP Government is the only party with a consistent position on lockout laws in Queensland because we believe in individual responsibility not a nanny state.

Labor's continual backflips and bungles are no way to implement public policy that should focus on community safety and individual responsibility.

We will implement the Safe Night Out strategy because that was the plan that was developed by Queenslander's.

We will close the current loophole that exists for ID scanners, by requiring venues that trade after midnight to commence scanning patrons at midnight, rather than 10pm.

We want to ensure Queenslanders can enjoy a safe night out, because a safe night out is a great night out.

We'll be a common sense government that listens, plans and acts to Build a Better Queensland.

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Fairer Gun Laws with Proper Consultation

An LNP Government will put community safety first, by focusing on compliance and evidence based firearms policy with proper consultation.

Labor have treated licensed firearm owners like criminals, they have signifcantly watered down strong laws and strong penalties for criminal gangs who peddle drugs to our kids and trade in illegal weapons, money and extortion.

Labor's priorities are completely wrong.

In government, the LNP had a strong record of recognising the rights of law abiding firearm owners, with an increased focus on criminality and non-compliance.

An LNP Government will respect the rights of law abiding firearm owners - people who do the right thing, with a focus on getting back to basics.

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Buy Local

An LNP Government will create more local jobs through a real 'Buy Local' procurement policy.

Labor has failed to support Queensland small businesses, with countless examples of government contracts being awarded to interstate and overseas companies.

An LNP Government will put Queensland businesses and local jobs first by making the current procurement system work better for Queensland.

We'll take the lead on buying locally to support Queensland businesses, local suppliers and local jobs with our Buy Local Price Match Guarantee Policy.

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SEQ Alternative Routes Study

An LNP Government will investigate alternative routes for the southeast's congested arterial roads.

Congestion in southeast Queensland is worsening and Annastacia Palaszczuk has no plan to fix it.

An LNP Government will investigate alternative routes for SEQ's major arterial roads such as the Pacific Motorway, Centenary Motorway and Bruce Highway.

A comprehensive audit of existing road corridors hasn't been done in the last decade. The LNP will take a leadership role and work with local councils on an audit to tackle the congestion currently choking SEQ. Many local governments have plans for alternative routes but a holistic regional plan is required.

Our real solution is needed to address growing congestion issues in the southeast.

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DELIVERED - Plastic Bag Free Queensland

The LNP led the way and delivered a scheme to end single-use plastic bags in Queensland.

On average a single-use plastic bag is used for just 12 minutes but takes up to 1000 years to fully decompose. Australians use over 5 billion plastic bags every year, 1 billion of those right here in Queensland.

The LNP is genuine about improving our environment. Our policy on single-use plastic bags is a clear and important commitment to keeping Queensland beautiful. It follows our policy which delivered a Container Deposit Scheme, which will cut pollution and create hundreds of jobs in Queensland's recycling sector.

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DELIVERED - Container Deposit Scheme

The LNP led the way and delivered a Container Deposit Scheme to clean up Queensland and better protect our environment.

The Container Deposit Scheme will not only reduce litter and clean up our environment but also has the potential to create hundreds of jobs in Queensland's recycling sector.

The LNP is committed to cleaning-up Queensland and better protecting our unique environment, not just for the health of our plants and wildlife, but also for the enjoyment of the growing number of tourists to our great state.

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Electricity Executive Bonus Freeze

An LNP Government will freeze executive bonuses at Queensland's government energy businesses until electricity prices decrease to give families and businesses a fair go.

The LNP understands that families can't continue to face skyrocketing electricity prices. Enough is enough. It's time families were given a fair go.

Under Annastacia Palaszczuk's watch, some government energy company executives are earning over $900,000 a year, and have recieved bonuses of more than $100,000.

In line with the LNP's energy policy to provide affordable and reliable electricity, we will set performance targets to reduce electricity prices and maintain reliability. Unless these price-lowering and reliability targets are met, executive bonuses will be frozen.

This action will provide long-term and sustainable downward pressure on electricity prices. The LNP is aligning the focus of government businesses with our energy policy - to reduce costs for Queensland families.

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Powering Renewable Energy

An LNP Government will implement a five-point plan to make sure Queensland gets its fair share of renewable energy investment.

An economy can't grow while weighed down by high costs and one of the biggest costs is electricity.

Labor's extreme 50 per cent renewable energy target in Queensland will mean higher prices and we won't stand for it.

Under Labor, Queenslanders currently pay more for 'green' energy schemes than any other state yet we have the lowest amount of renewable energy.

The LNP's energy policy will deliver affordable and reliable electricity.

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